Friday, February 12, 2010

YouTube and Glasshouse Books

In April 2009 I blogged about the Permaculture Design Course I did at the Maya Mountain Reasearch Farm in Belize...

Now you can watch the snappy little video!

Clearly I had no editorial input, as it features my brother and I in our vests and shorts crooning an anti-Monsanto version of 'I Will Survive'! Still, it´s out there now! Enjoy:

AND... great new publishing company launched, publishing titles (digital and print) aimed at those who do not normally read books. The first, '100', is one hundred words each from one hundred contributors, aimed to provoke and inspire school and university leavers.

I´m honoured to beone of the 100 contributers. Check out my Toes in the middle pages. And consider ordering a copy. If over 1000 orders are received within sixty days it goes to print.

Great new publishing model - let´s hope it is successful - and a brave attempt to reach an often ignored audience.

Check it out:

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